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Season 1 – Qualifiers

Jan 1 – Feb 28

Season 1 – Playoff

Mar 1 – Mar 31

Season 2 – Qualifiers

Apr 1 – Apr 30

Season 2 – Playoff

Jun. 1 – Jun. 31

Season 3 – Qualifiers

Jul. 1 – Aug. 31

Season 3 – Playoff

Sep. 1 – Sep. 30

Season 4 – Qualifiers

Oct. 1 – Nov. 30

Season 4 – Playoff

Dec. 1 – Dec. 31

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    General Questions

    Can I join a season after it is already started?

    Sorry, but no. All season matches are scheduled at the beginning of each season. If you are late to register for a season, then you will need to wait for the upcoming season.

    How can I change my NTRP?

    You can’t. You pick your NTRP you register for the first time. After each season, our system will evaluate your performance based on your match results and will update your NTRP accordingly.

    However, if you have not participated in any of our tournaments and want to change your NTRP before you sign up for the first time, please contact our support team to request changing your NTRP.  

    How do you pick my opponents?

    We group players based on location and NTRP rating. Occasionally, you may be paired with opponents up to 0.5 NTRP points different from yours, depending on the season’s participant numbers. Our goal is to ensure enjoyable, competitive matches for everyone.

    How long is a season?

    Each season lasts three months. The first two months are designated for playing qualifier matches and the last month of each season will be the playoff.

    Final Tennis Schedule
    How many matches will I play?

    The total number of matches for each player depends on the number of players in each division for that season. All matches are generated by our algorithm, which makes it fair and equal for all players.

    The maximum number of matches for each player in a season is 12. This includes 8 qualifier matches and 4 playoffs.
    The minimum number of matches for each player in a season is 5. This includes 4 qualifier matches and 1 playoff.

    How many times will I play an opponent in the qualifying round?

    Depending on the number of players in each season, you may play an opponent once or twice, but not more.

    I don’t know my NTRP. What should I select?

    If you don’t know your NTRP ranking, use the information on NTRP General Characteristics to guess your NTRP. Don’t worry, nobody can get this right the first time. Just pick the number that is close to your skills. After each season, our system will evaluate your raking against other players in the division and will move you up to down based on your results.

    I’m just a beginner. Can I join?

    Yes! All players from beginner to pro can join and play. We match players based on their skill level and accept players from NTRP 2.5 and up.

    Is there a fee to play?

    If you are not a paid member, there is a small fee per season. This fee covers the cost of running the program and also pays for the prize. You will only pay if you decide to play a tournament.

    All our members get one free format (singles, doubles, or mixed-doubles) per season. Additional formats per season depends on the membership tier.

    Is there a schedule for playing the matches?

    Yes and No!

    For the qualifying round, you will get a list of opponents that you need to play during the first two months of the season. You can play any match at any time during the two months, without any order. However, if there is any pending match by the end of two months, it will be blocked and cannot be played after the playoff round starts.

    Playoff matches are single-elimination that must be played in the following order:

    • Round of 16
    • Quarter-Final
    • Semi-Final
    • Final

    The maximum number of players for the playoff is 16. Each player will play a maximum of 4 matches. Depending on the number of players that reach the playoff, you will have between 1 – 2 weeks to play each match. The deadline for each round will be shown in the playoff section of the season.

    Is there an age limit to play?

    Our tournaments are open to all adults 18 years and older.

    What is NTRP?

    National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). NTRP ratings are used for adult players or youths playing in an adult competition. The ratings are divided into levels between 1.0 and 7.0 with 0.5 increments. Read more on NTRP rating.

    What is the match type?

    We are offering singles match only. However, soon will also offer doubles and mixed-doubles matches.

    Please select the match type option in your profile and we will let you know when other match types become available.

    Where do we play?

    You play in any courts available to you in your community that you and your opponent agree on.